Monday - Friday  10am-4pm    (drop off from 9.30am)

2nd - 27th August 2021

£25 per child /per day (siblings £5 off) or £100 for a week (siblings £90)

There will be 4 weeks filled with creativity and performing arts! Children will explore:

musical theatre, drama, storytelling, dress ups, poetry, crafts, origami, games and free play.

We partnered with 2 inspirational graduates from LIPA, LMA and Hope University, Laura and Rosa, who will lead our drama and musical theatre classes. Children will learn new songs, poems and moves from most loved musicals, the old and new ones. They will rediscover the good old fashioned family entertainment, design and make their own toys and forget about their mobile devices left at home. We all understand the benefits of creative play. Vintage Playroom has a great collection of vintage toys that your children might not have seen before, which is very exciting for them to play with something different.

We aim to have small groups of up to 14 children so booking in advance is essential. The activities are recommended for primary school age children, 5+ years old. Please bring a packed lunch for your child. We will provide a fruit platter to share and water.
Mondays we reserve for children with special needs/ ADHD , so there will be 2 groups on that day. If you only wish to book 2 hours that's perfectly fine. If there is more interest from parents then we will add more days.

WEEKLY PACKAGE is the best value for money (basically you are getting one day free), or you can just book a SINGLE DAY ticket.  We feel this is a really good offer for the quality time your children will experience. We provided half term camp back in June and we had a great feedback from the parents and children.

If you have any questions please email Elizabeth to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or WhatsApp 07809613379.

To book please use our booking system via: